About US

Lust and Fond is a vintage clothing business. We specialize in wearable vintage that blends the lines between decades. Our goal is to offer unique and earth conscious choices for expressing personal style.

Lust and Fond celebrates the duality in the universe through fashion.
Lust being our harder edgier side and Fond being our softer romantic side.
We provide you with a link to the past and an inspiration for the future.



Photo by @infinitachebel
 Photo by @infinitachebel
Edward Friend
Edward was born in Brazil and immigrated to the USA at age 10. His love affair with vintage started at an early age. He worked at various vintage stores throughout his 20's until becoming a hairdresser. 
A memory involving the origin of my love for vintage takes me back to the 10th grade. It was spirit week at my high school and one of the dress up days called for a Blast from the past day. I already had formed an admiration for all things 1960's so naturally I decided to wear clothing from this decade. My mother had saved most of her clothing from the 60's and 70's and knowing this I had my excuse to raid her closet. I found a complete look, a psychedelic top, denim bellbottoms and a native American style headband all of which I wore that day. I was an introvert and extremely unpopular, one of those kids that no one noticed or talked to, but on that day I felt amazing and confident. Many complimented me and so on, the next day I wore the same bellbottoms again, headband and a different top from my mothers closet. The mood had now changed and everyone laughed at me and asked why I was wearing old clothes stating Blast from the past was the previous day. I felt liberated and unique in my new found freedom of expression and blurted out in a loud voice " Blast from the past is everyday" and I never looked back.
Lamartine Neto

Lamartine is a Brazilian Multimedia Artist who pursued his education in Product Design at Scuola Art.E in Firenze, Italy. After his return to Brazil, he launched Tresoitavos, a fashion brand where he started his career as a Creative Director. Later on, he created a branch named

Tresoitavos Creative Studio, which gave him the opportunity to work directly with Advertising Agencies, Production Houses and venture as a Production Designer for Films and Photoshootings. Through his Design Studio, he also created projects where he expressed his full creative potential in Art Direction, Set Design, Costume Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Scene Direction.